There are forces that don't want us to have this conversation
This website was made in the context of the Visual Activism symposium, convened by SFMOMA in March 2014 at the Brava Theater Center. Over the course of the symposium, 321 sentences demanding actions were collected. They were broadcast in chronological order at the end of the event. Here, they appear again and again in various ways. This website is an ongoing project. You have to keep coming back.

Special thanks to all of the Visual Activism's participants, SFMOMA, the crew of the Brava Theater Center, Dimitre Lima, David Ortiz and Rafael Castro.
Urgent demands sometimes rise in people's speech. The pressing orders collected and re-organized here can be seen as advice, as a script, as a "how to" manual, as a to-do list, as notations for actions, as conspiracy talk, as resolutions, as omnipresent forces or as specific requests. They demand the wisest and strangest things.